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Professional Water Removal, Cleanup & Restoration in Tennessee

IMG_3405Tennessee Restoration Pros have been in the business for over 20 years, and are ready to help you with any water or flooding damage you may need. Our certified technicians have it all when it comes to knowledge, and experience, and expertise in their craft. Water damage can be especially harmful to items like furniture, carpet, and home furnishings. It is vital to call quickly after discovering the water on your property so that these items can be salvaged.

We employ high technology equipment that will quickly and efficiently remove the water from your property, and from there, we will begin the thorough dry out process. Some of the equipment that we utilize includes TES & Injectidry technology, air movers, air scrubbers, hygrometers, moisture meters, and portable and truck mounted extraction units.

If you leave stagnant water sitting in your home for too long, mold can and will start to grow. As you may know, mold can be very dangerous to ones health. If it is not remediated, then your home could become a hazard to you and your family’s health, and even fatal if not done quickly. The mold remediation process may take a while if another company was doing it, but here at the Tennessee Restoration Pros, we get everything done in a professional and timely manner. You can always count on us to get the job done correctly!

007 (2)Another process that we deal with is water removal and drying of your home and furnishings. If the flooding is not taken care of within a timely manner, your carpet can be ruined, as well as your home can be washed away. This can be caused by improper drainage in your area or by flash floods that threaten certain parts of the country. We use only state of the art dryers, to make sure that this process gets done as quickly as possible! We want to help you salvage anything and everything possible in this stressful time.

There are many measures you can take to help this from happening. Mainly fixing leaks in the home like a dishwasher or washing machine. You can also ensure your area has proper drainage facilities in case of heavy rains that lead away from residential buildings.

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