There is yet another round of severe weather headed towards the Plains states and the Mississippi Valley on Thursday, which will make it the third day of severe weather throughout this region. The storms on Thursday will be brought by the same system that was responsible for the severe weather that occurred on Wednesday, but this part of the system is going to focus more on the South.

Residents from Oklahoma to Indiana could possibly be in the path of this severe system, with the greatest danger occurring through the afternoon and evening hours. The biggest threat with these storms will be strong gusty winds and hail, and tornadoes could be a possibility with the strongest storms.

All of the severe weather that will occur in the Ohio Valley will consist of gusty and strong winds along with heavy downpours. The potential for flash and urban flooding will also be increased at that time. There are many streams and rivers that are already running high due to prior rainfall and the melting snow, so this week’s rain will only add to the problems with flooding.

As a whole, the storms that will hit the area on Thursday will not be as severe as Wednesday’s round of weather, but it can still result in some minor property damage. The timing of these storms may disrupt the evening commute home around St. Louis, Springfield, Cape Girardeau, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Paducah, and Tulsa.

If you find yourself caught driving while one of these thunderstorms hits, you will want to reduce your speed and leave more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, especially if there is an accident or if the traffic has come to a complete halt.

Unfortunately, Thursday will not be the last of this weeks’ severe weather tirade. More thunderstorms are expected to make their way from Virginia to Texas on Friday, but the threat for severe weather won’t be as widespread as it has been this past week. Instead of there being an organized pattern of severe storms, Friday will bring more separate storms with isolated wind gusts and small hail.

Rain will also be in full effect, as it will continue to pour down on the Ohio Valley.

Make sure that you check the weather frequently when there is a threat of severe weather, as the forecast is ever changing. For more information on the weather in your area, check your local news or weather authority or AccuWeather.

Updated: April 2, 2015 — 3:10 pm
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