Professional SmokeĀ & FireĀ Damage Repair Services

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041After a fire or any natural disaster strikes your home, looking at the damage can seem completely hopeless. When you see all the damage that has taken place, you may not know where to begin. Tennessee Restoration Pros specializes in these types of situations including fire, water, flooding and smoke removal. We are completely committed to every step in the restoration process, and making sure that you get your life back on track. Our team is IICRC and RIA specialized, which means that we have the expertise and knowledge that you are looking for in a restoration company.

When a fire engulfs your home unexpectedly and you lose all of your belongings, it can be absolutely devastating. We know that this can be a somber and stressful time, and that is why we put in 110% when restoring and repairing your property.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

firedamagehomeWhen we arrive to your property, the first thing we will do is ask you what happened and assess the damage. After that, we will board up the building for safety reasons, and give you an affordable estimate. After this, we will start the restoration process. You should always call within the first 24 hours of damage to ensure that your home can still be salvageable. Even if you feel there has been no damage done, you should still call because there is usually damage that can be unseen but we can spot out.

Although this is a stressful time in your life, we want to make you feel like your life is coming back together when we restore your home. We will work around the clock to make sure that your home is restored in a professionally and timely manner.

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